Osaka Melee is about two Canadian boys (with Japanese backgrounds) named Akashi and Kensei. The boy's parents passed away from a tragic car accident, and so when a letter comes in the mail stating that the two orphans, living in a run-down appartment, going to a free public high school, have inherited their great-grandfather's millionaire fortune in Osaka, Japan, they jump at the chance for a new life. But as soon as they get there, they realize that their lives will never be the same, as wonderfun, strange things fill their new manison, and a preppy private high awaits them for schooling. And, just when they think life can't get any weirder, they find out that their grandfather DIDN'T die of natural causes, as the government portrayed, but disapeared all together. Can Akashi and Kensei solve the mystery of their missing grandfather, whilst trying to lead a normal, teenage life?
This is, Osaka Melee.

Need catching up on what's gone on so far? Check it out!

Chapter Zero
Brothers Akashi and Kensei find out that they are moving to Japan! After a many adventures, like Akashi being rejected, the foozle being officially created, Kensei getting owned by the airport walkway, Akashi getting owned by luggage and more, the brothers finally arrive in Osaka, at there new mansion, which is bigger then they thought possible.
This chapter was like the prologue to the series. It didn't have much storyline in it, other than the beginning, which explained what was going on.

Chapter One
Akashi and Kensei arrive in their new mansion. When Kensei goes to take a shower, Akashi decides to explore, and finds himself being assaulted by a sexy robot who was in his closet!

And that's it so far!