Main Characters:

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Name: Akashi Parker
Age: 18
Blood Type: A-
Date of Birth: Feb. 7, 1990
Occupation: Student

Likes: manga, reading, music, red wine, cats, rpgs
Dislikes: really sweet things, cold, war, dramas

When Ayaka and Harold Parker, Akashi and Kensei's parents, passed away, Akashi took the reins of the family as the older brother, and raised Kensei. He is the typical "nerd" type, with small biceps but a big heart. He is rather short for his age, sadly dwarfed by his younger brother.

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Name: Kensei Parker
Age: 14
Blood Type: O+
Date of Birth: June 1, 1994
Occupation: Student
Likes: rpgs, dogs, movies, black, rock, candy, girls, COFFEE
Dislikes: girly stuff, veggies, super cold, uniforms, "the man"

When Ayaka and Harold Parker, Akashi and Kensei's parents, passed away, Kensei was only 11. Kensei didn't know how to handle it all, so he became more secluded and "cool". Truely lonely, but happy he wasn't being put up in an adoption agency and split from his older brother, he went on with his life, trying to forget about the accident, clutching the dog-tag necklace his parents gave to him close to his heart, a.k.a the last thing he had of them.

Name: A74k2 Model v.3 Maid Robot or Aki
Age: N/A??
Blood Type: N/A??
Date of Birth: N/A??
Occupation: Maid
Likes: cooking, cleaning, serving her master, protecting her mansion
Dislikes: dirty stuff, intruders, unclean dishes, slackers

We don't really know a lot about A74k2, or Aki, except the fact that she served Akashi and Kensei's gramps, and has very fast mood swings, that have included bubbly, extreme sadness, and homicial in about 1 minute. She loves cleaning, cooking and serving her master, which was was programmed and built to do.